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Corel WordPerfect Office

The Corel WordPerfect Office is a comprehensive office suite primarily known for its word processing capabilities, but it also includes spreadsheets, presentations, and database management tools. It is an alternative to the more commonly used Microsoft Office suite.


The centerpiece of the suite, WordPerfect, is a powerful word processor that stands out for its precise formatting control and long-standing reputation for excellence in legal, government, and academic circles. It supports a wide range of file formats, including Microsoft Word documents, and is particularly notable for its Reveal Codes feature, which allows users to see and edit formatting codes directly, offering a level of precision in document layout that is not as easily achieved in other words processors.

Quattro Pro

This is Corel's spreadsheet program, similar to Microsoft Excel. Quattro Pro allows users to create complex spreadsheets, perform detailed data analysis, and generate graphs and charts. It includes features such as pivot tables, macros, and advanced numerical calculations, making it suitable for both personal and professional use.


As the name suggests, this tool is used for creating multimedia presentations. Compared to Microsoft PowerPoint, it provides a range of templates, slide transitions, and animation effects, allowing users to create professional-looking presentations. It also supports importing and exporting PowerPoint files.


This is a database management system included in some versions of the WordPerfect Office. It is used for storing, organizing, and retrieving data and is suitable for creating desktop databases and reports.

PDF Functionality

The WordPerfect Office has strong PDF capabilities, allowing users to create, edit, and share PDFs directly from the suite. This includes the ability to convert documents from multiple formats into PDFs and vice versa.

Compatibility and User Interface

One of the key strengths of the WordPerfect Office is its compatibility with Microsoft Office files, which makes it easier for users to share documents with others who might use Microsoft's suite. Although robust, the user interface can constitute a learning curve for those accustomed to Microsoft Office, but it offers extensive customization options.

Templates and Extras

The suite includes a wide range of templates for different document types, as well as a library of clipart, photos, and other extras, to enhance document presentation.

Customization and Learning Tools

The Corel WordPerfect Office stands out for its high level of customization. Users can tailor the interface, shortcut keys, and templates to fit their specific needs and workflow. This approach is particularly beneficial for professional environments where specific document formats are frequently used. Additionally, the suite offers various learning tools and tutorials to help users transition from other office suites or to master advanced features.

Security Features

Security is a key aspect of the Corel WordPerfect Office. The suite includes features such as password protection and encryption for documents, ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded. This is especially important for users in the legal and government sectors who handle confidential documents.

Integration and Extensions

The suite offers various integration capabilities with other software and services. This includes support for macros and add-ons, which can extend the functionality of the core applications. Users can automate tasks, integrate with databases, or add custom functions tailored to their specific needs.

Support for Older File Formats

A notable feature of WordPerfect is its support for a wide range of older file formats, which is not always the case with newer office suites. This makes it an ideal choice for accessing and editing legacy documents without compatibility issues.

Cost and Licensing

The Corel WordPerfect Office is generally considered to be cost-effective, especially for organizations that need to deploy the suite across multiple users. It offers various licensing options, including perpetual licenses, which can be more economical over time than subscription-based models such as Microsoft Office 365.

Community and Support

Corel has a dedicated user community and offers robust customer support. These include online resources, community forums, and direct customer service. The presence of a strong user community also means that a wealth of shared knowledge and tips are readily available.

Platform availability

While primarily a Windows-based suite is used, there are versions and tools within the Corel WordPerfect Office that cater to other platforms, ensuring a degree of cross-platform usability.

In summary, the Corel WordPerfect Office is a robust and versatile office suite that offers a unique set of features, particularly in areas of document formatting and legal document preparation. Its strength lies in its customization capabilities, compatibility with various file formats, and cost-effectiveness, making it a viable alternative to more mainstream office suites for certain users and industries.