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Unity Forum

The Unity Forum is a comprehensive online platform for users of the Unity game and app engine. It serves as a knowledge base and a community site for discussions related to Unity. Here's a detailed overview of its key aspects:

Main Purpose and Audience

The Unity Forum is a central hub for Unity users to engage in discussions, post questions, find answers, and share product feedback. It's a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced users, providing a vast source of information on Unity-related topics.

Key Sections and Topics:


This section keeps users updated on the current Long-Term Support (LTS) version of Unity, which, as of the latest update, is 2022.3​


Getting Started

Ideal for those new to Unity, offering guidance and links to the Unity Learn section and official documentation​

Teaching & Certification

A place to discuss Unity's educational content and certification programs. It includes topics like teaching strategies, in-editor tutorials, and Unity certification details​

Betas & Experimental Features

Focuses on the latest alpha and beta versions of Unity and various experimental packages, offering a glimpse into future developments​

Unity Community Discussion

Covers a wide range of topics, including 2D features in Unity, with links to relevant documentation and learning resources​


Discusses different platforms like iOS, tvOS, Android, Windows, macOS, web, and Linux, catering to developers working across various operating systems​


A dedicated section for scripting in Unity, including subforums on specific topics like the Burst compiler, code editors, C# Job System, and testing & automation​

UI Systems

Focuses on Unity's user interface systems, covering areas like accessibility, Immediate Mode GUI, localization, UI Toolkit, and UGUI & TextMesh Pro​

Unity Gaming Services

Discusses analytics and player engagement, with subforums for analytics, cloud diagnostics, player engagement, and user-generated content​

Community Interaction and Feedback

The Unity Forum is not just a place for seeking help but also for interacting with other creators, offering feedback, and even reporting bugs. Users can access a vast archive of knowledge about the Unity ecosystem and engage with Unity developers​

Accessibility and User Engagement

The forum is open to all Unity users and is the largest community platform provided by Unity. It facilitates asynchronous discussions, allowing users to engage at their convenience​

Unity Forum is an essential resource for anyone working with Unity, offering a rich blend of information, community support, and opportunities for professional growth and collaboration within the Unity ecosystem.

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