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Mega.io (commonly referred to simply as "MEGA") is a cloud storage and file hosting service that was launched on January 19, 2013. It was created by Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, a predecessor service that was shut down by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2012 due to copyright infringement concerns.

Here's a detailed breakdown of MEGA:


After the shutdown of Megaupload, Kim Dotcom decided to launch MEGA as a successor. It was advertised as a secure cloud storage service with end-to-end encryption.


End-to-End Encryption

One of MEGA's major selling points is its robust encryption. When you upload a file to MEGA, the file is encrypted on your device before it gets uploaded, ensuring that MEGA itself cannot see the contents of your file.

File Manager

MEGA offers a web-based file manager where users can manage, upload, or download their files. There are also mobile and desktop applications.

File Sharing

Users can generate links to share files or folders. These links can be equipped with decryption keys, allowing recipients to access the content without needing a MEGA account.


MEGA also has an encrypted chat feature that allows users to communicate securely.

Video Conferencing

Along with chat, MEGA also has an encrypted video conferencing feature.

Pricing and Plans

MEGA offers a free tier with a certain amount of storage and transfer quota. Beyond the free tier, there are multiple subscription plans with varying levels of storage and transfer capacities.


Ownership and Management Changes

Kim Dotcom has distanced himself from MEGA, citing concerns over its direction, management, and the potential influence of the Chinese government (due to some investors).

Security Concerns

While MEGA touts its security features, there have been concerns and debates in the tech community about the platform's actual security robustness.


MEGA provides applications for various platforms:

MEGA Web: Accessible via popular web browsers.

MEGAsync: A desktop sync client available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

MEGA Mobile Apps: Available for Android and iOS.

MEGAcmd: A command-line tool.

Comparison with Other Cloud Services

The primary distinction between MEGA and many other cloud storage providers is its emphasis on encryption and privacy. While services like Google Drive and Dropbox also offer some level of encryption, MEGA's approach is designed to ensure that even the company itself cannot access the user's stored content.

End of Life for Legacy Mega Apps: As of my last training data in 2022, MEGA had announced that they would be ending support for some of their older mobile apps and desktop sync clients. They urged users to update to the latest versions to ensure uninterrupted service and improved features.


Upload/Download Speed

MEGA's performance can vary based on the user's location, the time of day, and network congestion. Generally, users report decent upload and download speeds, although this is also dependent on the user's internet connection.


MEGA supports concurrent uploads and downloads, which can speed up the process if you have multiple files to transfer.

Privacy Policy and Data Storage

Data Storage Locations

MEGA primarily stores data in data centers located in Europe. This is significant for those concerned about data jurisdiction and potential access by certain governments.

Privacy Policy

MEGA has positioned itself as a pro-privacy solution, but users should always review the privacy policy in detail to understand data usage and protection measures.

Collaboration Features

While MEGA's primary focus is on file storage and sharing, it does offer some collaboration features like shared folders. However, it may not be as feature-rich as some dedicated collaboration platforms.

Recovery Features

MEGA provides a "Rubbish bin" where deleted files are temporarily stored, allowing for recovery if necessary. The retention duration can vary based on the user's subscription tier.


Transfer Quota

Especially for free users, there's a limit to how much data can be transferred (uploaded or downloaded) within a specific timeframe.

File Size Limit

While MEGA supports large file uploads, there are some restrictions based on the user's browser or the chosen platform of access.

Security Audits and Transparency

MEGA claims to be committed to user security, and they've stated in the past that they welcome security researchers to test their platform. Periodically, MEGA might undergo external security audits, but it's a good practice to check their official communications for the most recent updates on this front.

Public Perception

MEGA has a diverse user base with varying opinions. While many appreciate its encryption features and generous free storage tier, some have voiced concerns or criticisms regarding its security, management, and the controversies involving its founder, Kim Dotcom.

MEGA offers a unique proposition with its emphasis on encryption and privacy, potential users should weigh its features, pricing, and security promises against their individual needs and conduct thorough research before committing to any cloud storage platform.